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This is your station & we are bringing back interactive radio to Alturas. "a lost art "
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The KILN LPFM 99.1 Story:

It was late in the year 2013 when a discussion began between the members of The Art Center Executive Board regarding the possibility of creating a low power community radio station for the community of Alturas.  Through a soon to be released FCC open application period low power radio authorizations of either 10 watts or 100 watts were to be available to only non-profit educational facilities, tribes, or public safety organizations.  It was the vision of the FCC to create opportunities for localized broadcast venues, presented in a noncommercial educational format, and thus add local voices to the radio airwaves.

So, that was the “what” in the discussion. The “who”, “how”, and “where” were really unknowns.  The Art Center staff, all volunteers, already had plenty to manage just keeping up with The Art Center (TAC) business. Would there be new individuals interested and willing to participate?  Where would we place the radio antenna and how would we ever get enough resources together to purchase the equipment? The conversation continued when Jeff Cotton, KDUP FM, spoke with us and answered many of our questions and offered his advice and support.

We learned that this window of opportunity has been rarely offered by the FCC, and it was easy to see what could be possible.  The idea of a creative local radio broadcast was quickly becoming more and more appealing.  Making only an agreement to “test the water” and submit the application; Dan Dockery, then TAC President and a long time HAM radio operator with a knowledge of radio technology and operating principles, began the work of preparing our application.  Others on the team attempted to negotiate a location for the antenna.  We needed a tall building or structure.  Soon an agreement was made with Jim and Elizabeth Cavasso, representing the Cavasso Corp., to use the rooftop of the Niles Hotel for the antenna and a small upstairs room to house the equipment.   We now had the “where” and the application was submitted to the FCC.

Then we waited, and while we waited we tried on our call sign ideas. We wanted a call sign which represented The Art Center’s work, name, or something meaningful in only four letters.  Then we found it, KILN.  It was perfect.  

In late January, located in a very long list of LP-FM application results, The Art Center’s name was released by the FCC and we were granted a construction permit, or permission to build a radio station.  The permit allowed for eighteen months to complete the work, with extensions if needed.  The “how” and “who” were then the topics of months of planning and meetings.  Terry Olson initiated a “Founding Member” fund drive and civic organizations welcomed presentations on a new Alturas community radio.  

It was clear that the amount of funding needed for the equipment to build a new radio station would be nearly impossible to raise without some sort of a sponsorship. Then news of funding, available through the McConnell Foundation and the Shasta Regional Community Foundation for Modoc County nonprofit organizations gave new wind to our sails. The grant application, written by Dan Dockery, Terry Olson, and Bonnie Sherer was submitted with high hopes; and then, we were invited to interview.  The “how” came through grant funding for the purchase of the equipment needed to build a broadcast studio.  Our many thanks to the people at the McConnell Foundation and the Shasta Regional Community Foundation for sharing the dream of an Alturas community radio.

The “who” has changed over time.  First, Terry Olson and Dan Dockery, the early leaders and passionate caretakers of the dream, are no longer a part of the KILN team, and have directed their interests into other endeavors.  The KILN-LP team has continued growing and is making progress through agreements, ongoing collaboration, and the desire to have a community radio station.  Today, the group has grown and we have been so fortunate to have had access to the huge music library of Glenn Lantz, the production experience of Bruce Brown, programming experience of Amy Michael, the interest and enthusiasm of Nick Menkee “Max Stout”, the leadership of Robert Vogee, and the electronics expertise of James Paisley.   We have met the eighteen month deadline and today we are on the air.  

Thank you to all who have helped, but were not mentioned here. It has taken a community to build this community radio


Our Staff:  The KILN –LP staff, which are all volunteers; program the radio content, edit and produce local productions, secure the underwriting, and promote KILN-LP in our community.  



Bruce Brown brings over 40 year of entertainment experience to KILN. Working as our engineer/producer of “both audio & video” he also will be involved with artist development.  As a volunteer Bruce’s goal   is to develop a KILN youth training program in audio/video engineering, radio production & video production.  

A Brief History  Engineer / Artist Development at MCA Records 1971-1973   Engineer / Advisor at MGM Records 1973-1974    Engineer / Producer – Artist Development  ABC Records 1974-1984  Independent Engineer / Producer 1984-2014  for Sony/Columbia Records, Geffen Records, Sky Walker Ranch, Sound City, Wally Hiders, Record Plant, Santa Barbara Sound, American Studios, United Studios, Sunset Sound, Gold Star, Condor Ridge, Cherokee Studios, Clover Studios.

During his career Bruce worked as a recording engineer for major musical artists too numerous to mention, but including:  Ella Fitzgerald, Smokey Robinson, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Steppenwolf, Leon Russell, Elvin Bishop, Deep Purple, Albert Collins, Tom Petty, Jefferson Airplane, The Allman Brothers, War, Three Dog Night, Emmy Lou Harris, Tanya Tucker, Roy Clark, James Gang, The Grateful Dead, The Band, Crosby Stills & Nash, and Dwight Twilley.


Amy Michael Amy holds a BA in Mass Communication and Broadcast Journalism from Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD. She has over 15 years of experience in radio, television and newspaper.  Television experience: KNBN (NBC affiliate in Rapid City, SD) held a variety of positions including Master Control Operator, Commercial Traffic/ Programming Operator and News Producer. She has additional television experience which includes operation of sound and video equipment (cameras, sound equipment, tape playback) and commercial video production.

Amy’s radio experience:  Amy has worked for various stations with a variety formats both commercial and non-commercial as on-air talent, live remote broadcasts, production, and programming.  Interim-assistant director (officially hired as assistant director prior to moving to Alturas) for the Tri-State Museum and Center of the Nation, Visitor Center in Belle Fourche S.D.


James Paisley  James Paisley, Engineering Technician for KILN-LP radio. James graduated from Lower Lake High School near Clear Lake in Northern California. He then joined the U.S. Army, in which he served for ten years as a Calibration Specialist, troubleshooting and maintaining electronic testing and diagnostic equipment to military standards. Through his Army training he earned numerous technical certifications in his field. Since completing his military service he has worked for more than 20 years as an Engineering Technician at a number of companies including Honeywell Corporation.  He is currently Senior Technician at Murftech Electronics in Alturas.


Sam Thorne Originally from rural Modesto, California, Sam Thorne is currently a resident of Alturas, having lived in Modoc County off and on since 1978, in Juniper Acres near Likely, in historic Centerville, and the California Pines Lake Units, as well as Alturas.  He has backgrounds in broadcasting, volunteer and wildland firefighting and fire lookouts.

courier delivery service, meteorology, editing, graphic and web design, and Christian ministry, scholarship, and commentary.

Being an avid map reader, and having been a census crew leader, Jehovah's Witness Pioneer, courier driver, volunteer at Likely and California Pines fire departments, wildland firefighter, (MNF, NPS, WNF), and fire lookout (MNF, BLM,PNF). He has become very familiar with Modoc and Lassen Counties, and parts of neighboring counties in California, Oregon, and Nevada.

 Sam is currently disabled, but performs volunteer work as he is able.


Bonnie Sherer, President of The Art Center 2015-2016, past president 2009 – 2014, Pottery Instructor at The Art Center 2012 – 2015. Bonnie, now retired, worked for the Modoc County Office of Education for 21 years as a special education instructional assistant; WorkAbility I Coordinator and Director; Modoc Joint Unified School District AES Computer Instructor; and currently is the Office Manager for Jim Sherer Trucking. She grew up in Downey, California, moving with her family to own and operate the Rancho Steak House in Alturas. She is a graduate of Modoc High School and has lived in Modoc County all her adult life.

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) is a national public warning system that requires broadcasters, cable television systems, wireless cable systems, wireline video providers, satellite digital audio radio service providers and direct broadcast satellite service providers to make their communications facilities available to the President during a National emergency. The system also may be used by state and local authorities to deliver important emergency information such as AMBER alerts and severe weather warnings targeted to specific geographical regions or areas. The EAS has been installed at KILN and is being tested on a weekly basis as required by the FCC. The EAS is programmed to cover Modoc County.

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