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KILN-LP is grateful for the support of all our underwriters. We will make it a part of our business to acknowledge these businesses and individuals during our broadcast day. You, can also let them know you appreciate their support of community radio & KILN-LP when you have a chance!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allows businesses to underwrite or fund programs on stations like KILN-LPFM, but it does not allow commercial advertising. KILN-LPFM also known as “The Kiln”, depends on underwriting donations from businesses and individuals for its operating expenses, as well as equipment purchases and repairs. KILN-LPFM does not receive funding from the government. Underwriting is simply a support statement. An underwriting announcement must have the purpose of “identification only”. It is similar to commercial advertising, but differs in a few very important areas.  

The FCC forbids announcements that issue a CALL TO ACTION. This means that statements like "stop in, shop here, call, call now, limited time only", etc. are not allowed. Underwriter announcements also may not contain QUALITATIVE WORDS. Qualitative words such as largest selection, newest model, best in town, finest selection, and state of the art are prohibited. Finally, announcements may not mention or give reference to PRICES. References such as free, sale, discount, clearance, reduced, going out of business sale, and liquidation, are also prohibited by the FCC. Underwriting Announcements on KILN-LPFM are recorded by KILN-LPFM’s production staff.  Underwriter announcements that are not recorded by KILN- LPFM, are not accepted.


Underwriting Packages:  We currently have designed four levels of support.

Level 1 BASIC SUPPORT “Friends of KILN-LP” is a package where listeners are able to support KILN-LP Radio through a basic per month increments of $10.00.  Much like a membership, the listener is someone who wishes to help us with their individual (not a business) donation.  All “Friends of KILN-LP” will be honored on the KILN-LP website.

Level 2 UNDERWRITERS are individuals, organizations or other entities who pay a monthly or yearly rate.  Because we are just building our local content this open level of support will allow staff to insert underwriting announcements throughout the broadcast day.  We have two options for support: 1) $60.00 per month with two mentions per day, and; 2) $120.00 per month with four mentions per day. Air mentions price per mention varies with the number of days in each month.

Level 3 STATION SPONSORSHIP this is our basic fee for any given number of on the air mentions. If you would like to set a number of “spots” per day this choice may be what you might consider.  This “per spot” package is designed to allow you to underwrite our general programming from the hours of 5AM to 12 AM. The fee is set at $1.00 per spot per day and a number of spots can be purchased depending on the amount of support the business, family, or organization wishes to invest. Example: 5 spots per day X 30 days (month) =$150.00

Level 4 UNDERWRITING SPECIAL PROGRAMS  This package sets the on the air mentions at an increased premium fee of $1.50 per mention. We offer “per spot” underwriting assigned to specific air times and for specific local programming which we are now developing. “Max Stout Musical Theater” airing M-F 3 to 4 PM and “Off the Shelf” airing Sundays at 7 PM, are now available for underwriting.

Short Term Rates: Flexible Schedule for special events/ notices @ $2.50 per announcement.

Sponsorship Extras:

>       All sponsors will be honored free of charge on KILN's website, “”.

>       All sponsors will be given first priority in the following year for renewing their underwriting.


IF YOU Would like MORE INFORMATION ABOUT KILN-LP 99.1FM  Call our Business Office at (530) 233-3535, or email us at and we'll send someone to answer your questions about how your business and “The KILN” are a perfect fit.


This underwriting agreement is made on the __­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________ of __________________, 20______ between KILN-LP, a project of The Art Center, 317 S. Main St. Alturas, CA 96101, phone  (530) 233 -3535 and the


             (Merchant) _______________________________________________________________


             (Address)   _______________________________________________________________


             (Phone/Fax)  _____________________________________________________________

 The radio Station KILN-LP (“The KILN”) is licensed to Alturas, California and is authorized by the Federal Communication Commission (“FCC”) to operate its noncommercial broadcast station on an assigned frequency of 99.1 mHz. The licensee of “The KILN” is, The Art Center. Pursuant to the rules and regulations of the FCC, the parties to this agreement acknowledge that “The KILN” is permitted to broadcast underwriting and sponsorship announcements from for-profit entities, but is not permitted to broadcast commercial advertisements by for-profit entities. (In the event the above-referenced Merchant is a bona fide non-profit entity, “The KILN” is permitted to broadcast commercial advertisements on behalf of the Merchant.)


The Merchant desires to broadcast certain underwriting spots in conformity with this Agreement and all rules, regulations and policies of the FCC and/or Merchant desires to schedule non-broadcast promotional advertising with “The KILN”.

 Broadcast Schedule: For value received, the Merchant agrees to pay, and “The KILN” agrees to broadcast underwriting announcements as follows:

Beginning Date: _____________  End Date: _____________            Total Spots: ____________________

 Specific Schedule Per Day/Week: ____________________________________________________________

 Non-Broadcast Promotional Advertising:  For value received, the (Merchant) agrees to pay, and “The KILN” agrees to execute non-broadcast promotional advertising on as follows:





Fees: ____________ Dollars ($         ) per announcement for a total of _____________ Dollars ($        ) for ___________________ announcements during the term of this Agreement, payable in full, in advance, at the time this Agreement is executed, or before the airing of any announcements on KILN-LP.


Broadcast Announcements: “The KILN” will provide the Merchant a copy of the broadcast announcement(s) governed by this Agreement. The Station has final editorial control over the content of the announcement(s) and may revise, reject or terminate any such announcement(s) in order to maintain good faith compliance with relevant FCC rules and regulations.

 Emergency Programming: The Station retains the right to interrupt or preempt any announcement covered by this Agreement at any time in case of emergency, or to broadcast other announcements or programs, if in its editorial discretion, to do so would best advance the Station’s public interest responsibilities.

 This Agreement shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of California and shall be performable in Modoc County, California.

 This is the entire agreement of the parties in regard to these matters. There are no oral agreements existing between them.

  “The KILN”:    (Merchant’s Name):


By: ______________________________________    By: _________________________________________


Printed Name: _____________________________     Printed Name: ________________________________


Dated :  __________________________________                                    Dated:  ______________________________________


Our Underwriters.

Copyright 2015 KILN LP FM 99.1 & The Alturas Art Center. All Rights Reserved